If you’re reading this, it’s probably a good sign that you could use some IT advice. Another reason a thorough IT consultancy is probably required is if you have serious reservations about the security, functionality, or connection of your IT network.

A further reason to speak with an IT professional right away is if you have any concerns about your current technical assets, notably that they might be outdated or using outdated software.

There are more systemic reasons for an IT consultation that improve the operational productivity and profitability of any computer-networked organization in addition to the obvious, inherent reasons for an IT consultation regarding IT networks per se. Better connectivity, security, and capabilities like remote desktops, virtualization, cloud computing, and more collaborative project management and participation all have power.

iTL gives businesses the adaptability and security that a reputable managed service provider (MSP) can only offer, taking care of the ongoing operation of IT infrastructures.


Backup and Restore

Full, incremental and differential. Onsite and off. Hybrid. Whatever your need, we can help.

Cloud Services

Delivering hosted services over the internet. Servers, storage, networking, desktops - you name it.


Transferring information from one place, person or group to another. We have the solutions.

Cyber Security

Protecting your IT to protect your business.

Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens, and never when expected. We can help

Healthcare Systems

Systems for ages care, psychiatric and hospital facilities.

Legacy Systems

Critical business infrastructure, though outdated, still functions - and needs to remain in production.


Ensuring that your IT equipment is available and performing to the level expected and required to maintain your business

Technical Support

Crucial assistance provided to you and your company that occur in your day to day operations.

Vendor Managment

We can help negotiate, coordinate, control, monitor and supervise all your companies various software, hardware and service vendors.

Network Construction

Starting, expanding or replacing. We can design, project manage and implement all parts of a network build.


Need that thing, that gizmo, that something something. We know what your mean, and we know where to get it.

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